Baby slings for the modern Mom!

Go Babe Slings are perfect for closeness and bonding with your little babe! Great for discrete breastfeeding and anytime you need two hands! Go Babe Slings are great for calming a fussy babe and has two clips for easy release if babe falls asleep and padded shoulder for extra comfort!

Go Babe Slings are not recommended for babes weighing less than 8pounds. ALWAYS be sure your babes face is never covered by any cloth when in sling. Or when sitting in the sling facing outward be sure babes head and neck are not obstructed by the cloth as suffocation could happen. Babe should be able to hold his head before being carried in outward position. Never cook with babe in sling and use caution consuming hot drinks or food, as burns or injury could occur. ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR BABE WHEN USING YOUR Go Babe Slings